Why do we always want what we don’t have?!?  I have SUPER curly frizzy hair and so naturally I want straight hair (obviously right)?!?  And if I’m being REAL honest…I was mocked on and off growing up because of my “crazy” hair.  So needless to say it’s always been a touchy subject for me.  But…as an adult I finally appreciate my “do” (even my curls) and all the volume I have.

It definitely requires a little elbow grease to get this hair straight but because of the amazing products I’ve found…most people are shocked to learn I have such curly hair.  So just for a little proof that I’m not joking about my curls…here ya go!  My curls in some crazy summer humidity!

To view the full video tutorial please head to my IGTV page by clicking the button below.

Let’s talk styling products.

To keep the frizz at bay…using a really good hydrating shampoo & conditioner is key.  I have tried a LOT and using the Olapex trio has really helped repair damage and bring moisture back to my hair.

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UV + Heat Protectant

Adding these style products to my regiment has been a game changer for me!  I wasn’t using any protection (BAH – sorry I had to!)…heat protection, I mean heat protection on my hair and I definitely did some DAMAGE!  The “Save The Day” has been a game charger for me and it’s helping to repair heat damage and protect from any further breakage.

I apply a small amount of the Save the Day and then the Straight Blow Dry.  The BB Straight is a heavier product but it helps a LOT with frizz!

After I finish with the flat iron I apply a two drop of the Kerastase Oil.  It gives some shine and additional repair to the hair.

Styling Tools

I always use a Wet Brush to gently comb through any tangles before applying product.  Then I use a metal round to blow dry and a paddle brush when using the flat iron.

I’ve had three Elchim hair dryers and have loved them all!  They last for YEARS and I use mine a LOT!  And my flat iron is the Bionic Onepass.  To add the curl I recommend getting a 1” iron or smaller if you have shorter hair.

PS – do yourself a favor and grab a pair of AirPods.  Since they’re wireless you can pop them into your ears and listen to a podcast, watch your favorite show on Netflix or listen to music.  It’s definitely made my long blow dry time more enjoyable!


And there ya have it…from super curly to super smooth and soft.  One additional note on the flat iron…be sure to watch the heat setting.  I set mine at 320 now after using it at over 400 and doing some damage.  It doesn’t need to be much hotter than that.  In the video I show how I position my arm and turn my wrist to create the curls.  Hope you watch and I hope it’s helpful!


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