Ok…I’m gonna be honest…my favorite part of Super Bowl Sunday….is the FOOD (and the commercials) but mostly the food cool!    I’m sharing simple Super Bowl party ideas that are inexpensive and will serve as both food and decorations for the big game.  With a quick trip to your local craft store and a piping bag for frosting…you can incorporate simple decorations, DIYs and themed food to ensure your Super Bowl party and snacks are the talk of the town! 

Don’t miss the video below!  I had so much fun helping my local CBS8 news team get game day ready with these fun tips!

1. Referee Water Bottles

An easy inexpensive trick to add a little fun.  Using craft paper, trim the paper just larger than the size of the label on your bottle.  With some glue tape you can quickly secure the paper.  Add a whistle around the bottle for a little more fun.

*TIP – use room temperature water bottles so the craft paper doesn’t get soggy.  I also like to serve room temp waters at a party so you don’t have to worry about water rings accidentally left on furniture!

2. Painted Utensil Holders

I found these fun shaped mason jars at Hobby Lobby.  Using inexpensive acrylic paint, I painted the entire outside and inner rim of the jar.  Allow the paint to dry to the touch.  Using a smaller brush and white acrylic paint, paint the designs of your choice on each jar (I did this free hand).  I allowed them to fully dry overnight before using.

3. Football inspired treat bags

Using small brown paper bags and white masking tape you can make these cute football treat baggies.

*TIP – If you put chips or any other chip like snack in these bags, be sure to double bag so you don’t see the grease coming through!

4. Craft paper for platters

In the scrapbook paper section of your local craft store you will find all different sports themed paper.  I purchased a few different patterns for $.25 each and used that to line my plates and platters for a fun decorative touch.

5. Ballon Arch

You can really have some fun with this one and incorporate your favorite teams colors!  Using my air compressor, I blew up about 30 balloons.  With a large sewing needle and fishing line, thread the needle with a generous amount of fishing line and tie it off with several knots at the end.  Then “sew” the balloons together, threading just below the knot you tied in each ballon.  Be careful not to puncture.

6.  Themed Food

Save money on decorations and decorate with your food and snacks.  Use a football shaped cookie cutter and decorate brownies with chocolate and vanilla icing.  Dip pretzel rods in melted chocolate and pipe white chocolate laces on top.  You can repeat this idea with any number of foods like strawberries!


Believe it or not this wasn’t as tricky as it may look!  Click HERE for the short how-to video I used to carve this!

7. Letterboards

Such a great versatile item to have in your home…with a quick change of the letters you can turn it into any type of party sign or you could even use it as a score board near the food (for people like me that are just at the party for the food!)


Adding these little decorative touches leaves you wide open (hehe!) to incorporate so many different main course options.  My rule of thumb when hosting…if I’m hosting a large crowd I like to keep the main food items I’m serving simple.  You work so hard to host your guests, keep the food simple and order sandwiches and salads so you can enjoy your guests and the party too.

If I’m hosting a smaller gathering, then I really enjoy cooking and preparing something a little fancier!  But one rule to keep in mind…unless you’re having a formal sit down dinner, make sure you serve foods that are easy to grab and eat while mingling.  Overly messy foods and hard to eat foods typically don’t do very well in a crowd.

Hope this gives you a few ideas to make your Super Bowl party one of a kind!

Happy Game Day!


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