This definitely wasn’t the content I had planned for today but I think we’re all on the “non-plan” plan right about now.  My husband will be working from home and my son will be out of school for at least the next four weeks in Southern California.

I was chatting in my Instagram stories about my 6 year old being out of school until at least 4/13/2020.  Messages started flying in from fellow moms and teachers with ideas for keeping my son learning but happy.

One beautiful thing about social media is the power to share information and ideas.  Here are schedules and resources that were shared with me, that I now want to share with you.

*NOTE – the graphics below were shared with me and not created by me.  I could not find original source links for them so if they’re yours please let me know and I’ll happily link them to your site 🙂 

Daily Schedule/Routine

Establishing a new daily routine was one topic that my teacher friends shared over and over.  While you don’t need to follow this one exactly, setting up a schedule that mimics your kids regular schedule is one way to help them keep a sense of “normalcy” (because you know these little ones are picking up on the stress level around them).

Online Resources

Here’s a great list of sites that provide fun educational learning.


Another fun free resource I found online is a link thru Travel + Leisure where you can tour 12 museums from around the globe virtually from your couch.

Click HERE for Museum Tours Link

Another idea…not a free resource but Rosetta Stone is something I have always wants to invest in to learn a second language.  This could be a fun activity to work on as a family and start a new learning adventure together.


Workbooks + Learning Games

Here are a few ideas for non computer based learning and activities.  One item in particular I want to point out – the puzzle mat (linked below)!  A friend shared this with me and I think it’s genius.  You can roll up and store larger puzzles while they are in progress so you can work on them but safely store them away when needed.  (Note – not sure if this would work for larger piece puzzles.)

“Life Learning”

In addition to school based learning, I really want to try to take advantage of this time at home and teach my  son some household/life skills too.  

Photograph is a huge part of my business.  Luke keeps saying he wants to be a photographer when he grows up…so I’m going to have him help me.  I take photos of my house and shop products so I can definitely keep him busy and snapping away 🙂   

Helping out in the kitchen is another area I really want to involve Luke! This is one area that I think will be the most challenging – if we’re home for 3 meals a day and snacks in between…the kitchen is going to be a busy place and all hands on deck will be needed and appreciated!

Since Luke is CONSTANTLY hungry and wants snack after snack, I’m going to have him help me set up his snacks for the day so he can help himself to pre-prepped snacks during the day. When he is done, he can put his dishes into the dishwasher for mama!

Ok fellow mamas!!!  We got this and we are all in this together.  I hope this helps give you a few ideas to keep yourself and your kids happy and sane during this “social distancing” season in our country.

For daily updates on what’s happening be sure to join me on Instagram at @jaclynjameshome.

Love to you all! 


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