Fiddle leaf fig care update!!  Ok…so it’s been a little over 2 months since I purchased this tree from Home Depot and I think I’m getting it down!  (Although I probably just jinxed myself right?😂).  With lots of help from my 35k instagram buddies, I have a little routine down that seems to be working and it’s SIMPLE!!!!  So here’s what’s happening!

1. Pick a healthy tree –  This might sound obvious….but you want to make sure you select a tree without brown spots or damaged leaves.  When you’re new to the fiddle leaf fig game…you want to give yourself the best chance possible to keep the tree healthy!

2. Moisture meter – This is key and it’s honestly doing the work for me 😆!  This was an awesome tip from my friend Christina.  She recommends keeping the moisture level around a 4 and so far so good!  This makes it easy to see when the tree does and does not need to be watered.

3. Water – I’m watering every 4-7 days (determined by the moisture meter). I add 4-6 cups of water each time.

4. Food – This was such a helpful tip 🙌🏻. I add liquid food (specifically for fiddle figs) every time I water and I’ve got new growth happening.

5. Rotating the tree – After you find a good spot with indirect light that your tree likes…rotate it 1/4 turn each time you water or once per week!

And that’s it!!  Water based on the moisture meter with food and rotate.   I was definitely a little intimidated when I decided to purchase the fiddle leaf because I heard they can be challenging…but so far so good!  

PS – don’t forget to give this baby a dusting with a damp cloth once in a while!  You want to keep the leaves clean so they can absorb as much light as possible!  (I’ve only needed to do this once in our 8 weeks together)


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