Finding that just right farmhouse sink can definitely get overwhelming. There are seriously hundreds of options on the market and SO many retailers to purchase from.  After weeks of late night searching for that just right sink, I finally made a decision.  BUT…I researched so many that I want to share my tippy top favorites to help you narrow your search a bit (and save you from needing 10 cups of coffee every morning because you’re so tired from late night online shopping frown)

Here are my top choices for a single basin white farmhouse vintage style apron front sink!  (WOW that’s a mouth full!). But quickly…my thoughts on single vs double basin sinks…I’ve had both and hands down, having one large sink vs. two smaller basins is my preference.  I have a single drain with garbage disposal set up and love how easily I can clean big pots and pans or throw the dog in the sink for a quick bath.

So…below you will find my 7 favorite sinks (including the one I’m installing in my kitchen) and what I like about each option.

I hope this helps you narrow down some great sink options when you’re shopping!  There are SO many on the market and it can definitely get overwhelming!

Happy Farmhouse Sink Shopping Fancy Friends!


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