Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree….the main attraction of the season!  This year I needed a new tree and had no idea there were so many factors to consider when selecting an artificial tree…tip count, light density, fullness, realism…and I could go on!  After reading hundreds of reviews and looking at more tree brands and types than I can count…I had my heart set on a Balsam Hill Tree!  I mean..they’re good enough for HGTV, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and CMT…..

I felt like my living room could only be so lucky!  HAHA!  But all joking aside, I could not be happier with my Balsam Hill Tree and I’m so honored to partner with them this holiday season!  If you’re in the market for a new tree or you just aren’t loving the one you have….you NEED to read this post!  (TRUST me!)

The amazing tree you’re seeing in my living room is the Balsam Hill Classic Blue Spruce.  This tree is simply stunning…lights on, lights off, decorated or bare…this tree is a showstopper!  It’s so lush and full and was SO simple to set up.  I assembled the tree by myself while my hubs was at work (you’re welcome babe..actually just thank Balsam Hill)!  But I’m getting ahead of myself…let me start at the beginning…when the tree arrived…because this was AMAZING!!!

The packaging of the tree could not have been more impressive.  Join me for a quick video as I unpack and set up the tree.  And you don’t want to miss my favorite part…hint, hint, hint…it’s something to keep your hands from getting cut up during the fluffing process!

Honestly…the gloves…SAVED me!  My hands are usually destroyed after opening and fluffing my tree.  This year…I wore the gloves the entire time and my hands didn’t get a single scratch.  It really was such a classy and thoughtful touch.

Even before I fluffed and opened the tree, you could tell the shape was going to be full and perfect!  Opening up all the branches took me about 90 minutes.  Usually fluffing also involves moving branches to cover open or “bald” spots on the tree but that was SO not the case with this tree.  It’s so full that fluffing didn’t require anything more than just opening the branches.  The tree opened beautifully and you couldn’t see through the tree to the center pole at all.

Here are a few “behind the scene” photos as I added ribbon and white berries to my fluffed tree….


When decorating my tree, I typically like to use deco mesh and other large ribbon garland to “take up space” and cover bare spots on the tree.  This year…I changed my plan completely once I opened up the tree.  I ended up using slim ribbon as garland and simple ornaments so you can see just how stunning the tree is all on its own.


How beautiful are the Metallic Matte White Glass ornaments on the tree?!?!  They are even more gorgeous in person.  They’re also from Balsam Hill and a new product for this year.  When I opened the box, I knew I wanted these ornaments to be one of the more focal elements on the tree.  They are simple and classic and 100% my style!  And they’re light as a feather which made placement very easy!

PS – the boxes the ornaments arrived in were lovely and I used them as “faux” decorative presents under the tree!

I’m loving the simplified look this year and that so much of the tree is visible!  And lights on….or lights off…this tree is gorgeous and would honestly look good “naked”!

Can you spy the ornament boxes I used as a faux present in this picture!?!  See…I told you…AMAZING packaging!!

Have you ever used ornaments around your home in places other than your Christmas tree??  On my favorite antique buffet table, I used the Balsam Hill Coastal Elegance Glass Ornaments to fill my vintage drawer…I LOVE the shimmer and detail on these ornaments and felt they really needed a special spot (and also needed to be safely tucked away from my little one too!)  Aren’t they just perfect here?!?

I’m so impressed with my new Classic Blue Spruce Balsam Hill Tree.  I’m seriously a Balsam Hill girl for life now ’cause nothing will compare 🙂   Wishing you all a beautiful holiday season!!

Happy simply fancy tree decorating friends!


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