Welcome to my Grateful Gatherings Fall Decor Tour.  As I put the finishing touches on my Thanksgiving decor, I’m excited to welcome you into my home to share how I celebrate with my family.  But first, I need to give a BIG thank you to Amber at Follow The Yellow Brick Home for hosting and coordinating this Grateful Gatherings home tour! There are 13 other amazing homes linked at the end of this post.  Be sure to stop by for more Thanksgiving inspiration.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year because it’s centered around family, friends, food and gathering around the table.  Coupled with amazing leftovers (for days), an extra long weekend with my family AND decorating for Christmas (with Christmas Vacation playing 24/7)…what could possibly be better?!?!

While I would probably tag Christmas as my #1 favorite holiday, there is a certain magic about Thanksgiving.  It doesn’t come with the hustle and bustle that Christmas does and it’s purely about gathering together with loved ones.

So come on in and join me and my family for the holiday!

This crazy pup Suki (who is 10, if you can believe it) is always the first to greet all our guests!


with family and friends is what Thanksgiving is all about.  Some years we travel and visit our parents and siblings on the east coast and other years we stay in California and have a cozy, quiet holiday.  And this year, we are scheduled for quiet and cozy!  Our house is extra festive for fall because we moved into this house just days before Thanksgiving last year…so cooking our meal was my only priority.  I really enjoyed decorating this house for fall for the very first time!   Too see even more of my fall decor, stop by my earlier fall home tour,  Harvest Home.

My porch, although small is full of pumpkins and fall foliage…mind your step and don’t trip on my fairytale pumpkins on the way in!

I split my first bale of hay for this porch display. Two things happened…I felt like a farmer (for about 5 minutes) and I learned I am pretty darn allergic to hay. So my “farmer” dreams were quickly dashed.

For this home tour, I’m sharing my home as you would find it on Thanksgiving Day and also sharing some family traditions.  No matter the size of our crowd…my home is ALWAYS fancy, festive and FULL of food.  Leftovers for days would be an understatement!  So…please….grab a cocktail…and be our guest!


Thank you so very much for joining me!  First stop on my “tradition” train are these cocktails!  Apple Cidercars are a fall staple for me and have been for years.  Apple cider, brandy, grand mariner, lemon juice and a sugared rim…nuf said 🙂  Bottoms up on these beauties!!

Small bites and nibbles are a MUST on Thanksgiving for us.  Breakfast is always something “pumpkin” and sweet while we watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Then we do a light snack style lunch like this or a cheese plate. And then, we grab our stretchy pants and head into the dining room for dinner.  And I’m so NOT joking!  Makeup and hair will be done, I will have on a simple top and LEGIT elastic pants so I can eat my heart out without the dreaded need to unbutton my pants….I mean really…who enjoys that tight pants nonsense when you’re neck-deep in turkey and stuffing…not me!

For this quick appetizer plate, I used acorn squash to add some festive fall flare.  I cut the tops off, hallowed them out and made a small cut on the bottom so they stood up nicely on the plate.  Then I filled them with olives & feta, white basil hummus and marinated mozzarella…THANK YOU Trader Joe’s!

This view…

is one of my favorites in our house and what you see when seated in my dining room.  My “Scarlett O’Hara” stairs are the first thing you see when you open the door to my house and they’re the ONLY thing you see from the dining room.  For more pictures

Let me set the stage for you…warm fire crackling in the dining room….a little Frank Sinatra playing in the background (yes I am 35 and that’s my cooking and holiday dining music of choice!) and a table full of yummy food, (elastic pants!) and THIS view!!!

I so enjoy sitting in the chairs just in front of the fireplace at dusk on Thanksgiving with my family.  Toasty “buns”, great wine and conversation and tons of turkey!  This formal dining space with these huge windows and fireplace feels like a piece of New England in my Southern California Home – I just L.O.V.E!!!  However, after the holidays, this space is getting a major overhaul (so stay tuned and be sure we are email buddies so you don’t miss a thing). 

We’ve done a little bit of work in this room to brighten things up for Thanksgiving and Christmas – you can find a before and after on my Instagram.  We updated the wall color to a light gray and used Eider White from Sherwin Williams, removed the heavy drapes and added drop cloth curtains instead (tutorial HERE) and hung a larger mirror to capture more light.

I had so much fun creating my fancy Thanksgiving tablescape!  Last year I was just “getting to know” my house at the holidays and I still felt like a visitor.   This year…I am so excited to celebrate in MY home!  For details on how I styled this table, watch this quick video.  Just click play 🙂

This Thanksgiving table is a blend of old and new items with vintage finds and Kate Spade Lennox China…it’s an eclectic mix and I had a blast creating this design.  The copper pumpkins were dollar store finds that I sprayed copper and the chargers were less than $2 from Michael’s!!   Mixed with brass candlesticks I found at an estate sale and fresh eucalyptus sprigs…I created a new look mixing and matching and not spending much money!

Thanksgiving is probably the most involved meal I cook all year.  Nothing is overly challenging…but there’s a LOT happening all at the same time and TIMING is everything.  I usually plan my menu a few weeks in advance a shop for a few specialty items to make my cooking just a tad bit easier.  This weekend I will be sharing details on my Thanksgiving menu and my MUST have kitchen essentials.  Make sure you are subscribed so you don’t miss a thing!

After washing the dinner dishes….the last thing I want to do are more dishes. I always serve dessert on paper plates but they typically aren’t too cute. These… ARE.THE.BEST!!!  Definitely won’t be embarrassed to serve homemade pie on these adorable plates!

Paper Plates Napkins Gold Flatware I Charger

And once the meal is done and my little one is tucked into his bed, me and my hubs will be curled up on the couch enjoying this view, the last of our wine and taking in the day.  One thing we are VERY aware of…the number of holidays we have with our son while he is little and really wants to be with us.  Especially on holidays, we make a point to slow down, soak it all up and take lots of pictures so that in the later years when it may be just us sharing a meal together, we can reminisce and swoon over pictures of holidays past when we couldn’t wait to eat a meal in peace and quiet, only to wish we could go back to the crazy of having a little one.

Thank you so much for touring my home today and I sincerely hope you enjoyed your visit!  From my family to yours, I wish you a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.  Enjoy every minute of your day!

Now it’s time for some more beautiful Thanksgiving decor!  Next up is Deborah @Hip and Humble Style!! And 12 more beautifully decorated homes are linked below!  I know you will love their fall decor as well!  Hop on over and say hello to these lovely ladies!

Until next time…

Happy Thanksgiving Fancy Friends!


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