Pinterest worthy cookies perfect for summer and done the easy way!  After a complicated Easter cookie (stay tuned for that blog post), I thought I would keep it simple and fun for this baking challenge. A basic sugar cookie with a layer of royal icing and edible wafer paper attached overtop and that’s it!

Edible wafer paper is a new baking technique for me and it’s as simple as can be.  You cut the paper to your desired shape and simply attach it over the royal icing using corn syrup.

TIP: I highly suggest waiting until the icing has completely dried before attaching the paper.  I tried to attach the paper too soon and the moisture from the icing caused the paper to curl.  When I tried again after allowing the icing enough time to fully dry (overnight) it was a breeze!


Click HERE for the Better Homes & Gardens recipe that I follow to make my sugar cookie.  This recipe is technically for a shaped cookie but I refrigerate and roll the dough instead.  I just love the flavor of this cookie because it’s not overly sweet so I find it balances out the sweetness of the royal icing nicely.

I follow the mixing instructions of the recipe, refrigerate for 1hr, then roll the dough between two pieces of wax paper.  Once it’s about 1/4” thick, I use my cookie cutter and place on a baking sheet.  You know the cookie is done when it’s just barely golden.  Don’t let the edges get brown.

For the royal icing, HERE is the recipe I’m currently following from Sweet SugarBelle and had great success with last month!

As always, I shared all the details of this bake on Instagram step by step.  You can catch the full tutorial on IGTV by clicking the button below.

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Happy Baking Buddies!



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