The front door wreath….my favorite piece of seasonal decor!  Why, you ask, would the wreath by my favorite??Because hanging the wreath is MY signal to everyone that this house is fun, festive and holiday ready!   In my mind, it sets the tone for what guests can expect when they step thorough the door! So with that said…I’m super excited to share this easy peasy DIY farmhouse style fall wreath tutorial!

This year, it was time for new wreath!  A new house and much taller front door meant I needed a little wreath upgrade.  I wanted a large geen and white round wreath with touches of wood tones.  Since I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for (’cause that’s what happens when you dream things up!), I did little DIY to create the perfect fall farmhouse style wreath just for me.

In total, the project took me about 45 minutes and cost me less than $40 .  The wreath also coordinates with the fall decor inside my home.  Creating choestive seasonal decor can be a little tricky, but adding in some simple DIYs can help you make it happen (and for a lot less money)!


Here are the supplies you will need to create this wreath:

  • 24” grapevine wreath
  • 6 small white pumpkins on craft sticks
  • 6’ eucalyptus garland
  • 12 pinecones (click HERE for my post on treating outdoor pinecones to use in your decor )
  • 4 copper floral sprays
  • burlap wire ribbon (2-3″ thick)
  • hot glue gun
  • brown wrapped craft wire

Step 1:  The pumpkins are the largest and most focal item on the wreath, so I placed them first.  I evenly spaced them out around the wreath and wrapped the craft stem through the twig wreath tightly so I didn’t need to use the glue gun.  (If you can’t find pumpkins on craft sticks you can always hot glue the pumpkins.)

Step 2. I put 2 – 3 loops of burlap ribbon in each space between the pumpkins, tucking the ends in between the twigs.  I did this a little bit differently in each of the 6 blank spaces between the pumpkins to create some variation.

Step 3. I cut my 6’ green garland into 6 equal pieces.  I used the brown wrapped craft wire to attach the greens over top the burlap ribbon and though the back of the wreath.  I fussed with it a bit to get the greens to surround the pumpkins to my liking.

Step 4.  Take your hot glue gun, put a liberal amount of glue on the bottom of your pinecones and attach them to the wreath.  I placed the pinecones bottom side down on a slight diagonal so they really stand out on the wreath.

Step 5. I ripped the copper sprays into smaller chunks and added them around the entire wreath, about 2-3 per section between pumpkins.

Step 6: Do a quick once over of the wreath and add small amounts of hot glue anywhere items feel loose or a unsecure.

And friends….it’s as simple at that!  Breaking the wreath down in sections is my favorite way to create a balanced and elegant look.

Now all you have to do it run outside and hang it on the door!

Happy DIY Fall Wreathing Fancy Friends!


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